Polaroids for Pencils.

Visual artist Tessa McKillop’s images are each a page from her Polaroid memory.

Digging deep with a modest No. 2 pencil, McKillop pulls astonishing detail from the simple marriage of lead and paper, thousands of strokes building the crease of an eyelid or  a section of a skinned bottom lip.

Capturing raw, unedited emotion in the wandering lines of human faces, it’s easy to confuse McKillop’s startling pencil sketches for photographs. She reveals the intense love between a man’s mouth and his cigarette and the vacancy in a shiftless stare by utilizing complex multi-tonal grays and white space.

Please click the images in the gallery below to get a closer look at Tessa McKillop’s definitive work.


To purchase any Tessa McKillop's images, to see her full body of work, or to set up a gallery show, please contact:

Bree Davies
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